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James Garcia
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Photography and photo editing exploration using Lightroom and Photoshop.

While on a roadtrip in 2021, myself and some friends stopped at a shop in rural Arkansas and made the discovery that the state is notorious for its prospecting, being one of the few states in the country with mines that were once used for collecting precious minerals. I found a jade ball at one of the small boutique shops on the side. of the road, and found it to be the perfect opportunity to explore photography and photo editing.

Once i noticed this otherwise opaque opal began to shine red when light reflected across it, I knew it would be an interesting idea to create an isolated glowing orb using lighting, photo staging, and color editing, so i began to experiment with how to achieve this idea. I ended up placing a strong light behind the orb, and placing the orb into a black box with no outside light to simulate a void. I then captured the photo, did some slight editing in photoshop to invert the colors and stylize the reflection the orb cast onto the ground in order to create the final product.

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